Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does my business get a good rating after paying the yearly membership? 

Answer: Your business will receive a good rating if your business is in compliance with the NBBA Standards. Our system will indicate what rating it will have. Our Standards for Businesses are found by clicking here.

Question: Does my rating go up or down?
Answer: Yes, depending on customers satisfaction and customer complaints, our system will indicate your rating.

Question: What happens when a complaint is received by a consumer of a specific business?
Answer: Our Assessors will contact the business immediately to assist the business and request them to be in compliance with the NBBA Standards. We will give the business an opportunity to rectify the customer’s complaint for great customer satisfaction.

Question: What happens if the business rating drops to 50% or below?
Answer:  If a business rating drops below 50%, it will be automatically unaccredited and it will be subject to start re-accreditation status.

Question: Why are some businesses not accredited? Or Why do some businesses have a bad rating?
Answer: Many times businesses fail to respond to the calls from the NBBA or they simply don’t want to resolve the issue over the phone due to negligence. This is the main reason why businesses don’t have a good rating and/or why businesses are not accredited.

Question: How do you accredit a (Religious) Institution?
Answer: Our trained Assessors evaluate the Institution based on their practices and structure plus they use our NBBA Religious Institution Accreditation Standards that contain the seven benchmarks that Religious Institutions must comply to for accreditation status.

Updated: December 13, 2017