The National Better Business Association initially came together as a small group of local business owners with the intention of maintaining and awarding the integrity and credibility of Businesses of our great Nation. As this group connected, an alliance was formed so that each business would have a voice and could equally contribute to the economic development and success of the Nation. The NBBA was also formed so that business owners like you, seeking support and are looking for services that facilitate operating business on a day to day could have access to services and resources and easily find what they need.

Since then, the alliance has steadily grown and continues to increase its number of members as more business owners find out about the benefits of NBBA membership, how they can give back to the community and how the alliance can help promote their businesses.

Our goals have always been to create a productive and thriving business network environment, foster connections between business owners and establish relationships with Business owners to meet the needs of your business. And we strive to set professional standards for businesses in the community to model. The NBBA regularly holds meetings that are open to everyone and for members of the NBBA to weigh in on national community issues. The alliance is run by a board of Directors working and living in Fort Myers, Florida. We have now grown from being just an Alliance to being the National Better Business Association and we are a registered non-profit organization in the great State of Florida. We also proudly award Businesses nationwide for their Outstanding Business Excellence Annually and have numerous State-level NBBA Expos where Members may rent a table and Network their business. NBBA Expos are open to the public to get your business the exposure it needs to thrive and have fun while networking by joining the great NBBA membership today! The NBBA knows that businesses are the backbone of America and in order for us to keep America always thriving the NBBA also wants to make sure that these businesses are successful for the future generations to come.

The NBBA (National Better Business Association) is sponsored by United Synergy Global Corp who has assisted more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners form their businesses. Our mission is it to provide a superior user experience at an unparalleled value. On January 6th United Synergy and The NBBA will host its annual event where we recognize the top business owners and operators who have shown outstanding executive management. Proceeds from this event will go towards our internship program where we focus on providing college students with the hands-on experience their field requires and preparing them not only for a career but for life. The internship program ensures that NBBA members can find the employees that they are seeking which provides better results.